The turn of the century brought along with it a boom in the technology sector, and in the last decade in particular, smartphones, probably its most popular produce, has been embraced most warmly, becoming a necessity now than a leisure. From the ludicrous to the brilliant, all business ideas have adopted the technological route, with the production of applications and games over the operating system becoming a critical entity to a business’ success.

The Android operating system is the most widely used in the world. With over 1.5 billion users, constituting over 80% of the world’s smartphone users, Android has now become the ideal platform for businesses to appeal to clients and customers globally through applications of various sorts. This is exactly why developers at Aresoft Solutions have attained proficiency in Android development.

Through our elaborate experience of designing and developing applications for clients in Pakistan and beyond, our developers have all the skills in the bag to not only write clean codes, but to also be able to integrate them to the constantly changing dynamics and infrastructure of the business and its application. Knowing the importance of having responsive applications, we have mastered the craft of building concurrent applications, and are up to grips with the modern day technological context and how they affect design and engineering, so that applications run smooth, all the time.